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What kind of course is this?

Free online course

From professional trader and qualified investor Henry Norman, founder of the first online trading school in Germany, which has already graduated over 10,000 students

In a convenient training format

3 live broadcasts on the training platform. A training chat in telegram, where the school's tutors and accountant are in constant contact with you. A theory channel in telegram, where training materials and recordings of broadcasts are posted. Access to the materials is unlimited

Will help increase your capital

The information in the course will be useful to those who want to increase their capital, and those who want to save it and get a higher interest than the deposit in the bank

What tasks does
the course solve?

Make up your mind

Are you interested in investing and trading, and will you understand if you want to develop in this direction?


Are trading and investing on the stock exchange suitable for you as a remote or additional income

Find out

That besides a bank deposit there are many other tools for preservation and multiplication of capital


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