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00,500 reasons to live in Vietnam. Safety.

Posted by invest_admin on July 31, 2020
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Safety is the 5th most popular reason for moving to Vietnam! Living here for many years, you get used to a relaxed lifestyle and do not notice that it is really safe around, because it is natural for normal society.

The first thing worth noting is the absence of terrorism. According to the WEF rating, Vietnam in this sense is the safest country, and in general, when compared with other countries, here is like in Finland.

When somebody says that there is no crime in Vietnam, then, of course, they are dissembling. There are fraudsters and theft, there are simply very few serious crimes, robberies and violence. You can walk anywhere at any time and the probability of finding problems is minimal.

Safety and crime in Vietnam
Safety and crime in Vietnam

What exactly is in Vietnam is theft. They steal bikes, they love to raid the houses of foreigners, in big cities they can snatch bags or a phone. In general, if you are more careful, it is elementary to avoid all this. An alarm can be installed on the bike, you should have a safe in the house, or choose a house in a secured area.

From personal experience: thieves in Vietnam sometimes take only half the money.

We can often hear about hard drugs. In Vietnam, they are actively fighting them, sellers and carriers are given huge prison terms or death.

Of course, despite the above, incidents with foreigners do happen. But mostly they are connected with the actions of the victim – he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as a result of which there were inappropriate behavior and a completely adequate reaction.

More often than not, foreigners simply get into accidents on the roads, usually through their own fault, and often drunk. The second reason is poisoning, here you just need to cook seafood alive and choose high-quality alcohol.

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