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100,500 reasons to live in Vietnam. Prices.

Posted by invest_admin on June 23, 2020
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We continue to talk about why people move to live in Vietnam. The third most popular reason by the survey among locals is prices.

Let’s tell you how expensive or cheap it is to live here.

Housing and utilities

You can live very cheap, even for free if you wish, because the weather allows. In general, an air-conditioned room can be rented for $70 per month but it will be housing for real ascetics – a wardrobe, a bed and a toilet with a shower. A house with 1-2 bedrooms in Vietnamese style will cost from $ 250 per month, the same fresh and tidy already $400.

The minimum cost of European-style housing starts at $400, 1-bedroom apartment is $600, and 2-bedroom apartment is $800. 3-4 bedroom villas from $1200-1500 per month.

Electricity is paid separately on average $ 0.13 per kilowatt, i.e. with air conditioning you will pay for another 50-100 $ per month.

Food and drink

What is definitely cheap here is the fruit, we have already talked about them. Vegetables are also worth something a little cheaper, something more expensive. For example, potatoes, tomatoes – $ 0.85 per 1 kg. Fish, meat, eggs, as everywhere else, but dairy products, beef – decently more expensive.

A huge plus of the country is cheap cafes and restaurants. You can eat street food from $1. Average price of the meal in a restaurant is $2.5. If you are ready to eat Vietnamese food all the time then it will be more profitable than cooking yourself.

Clothes and shoes

This is a real benefit. Firstly, the prices in Vietnam are quite low, and secondly, warmed clothes and shoes are not needed.


Everything is definitely cheaper. It has been tested many times on tests, dental treatment, visits to hospitals and even childbirth. A visit to the hospital is $3.5, a tooth replacement is from $200, medicines are cheap.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs

A pack of cigarettes and 0.5 liter beer. – from $0.5, vodka 0.5 l. – from $3.5, rum 1 liter. – $7. Local marijuana 5 gr. – $9, imported weed – $11 / gr. We do not know about strong drugs because they don’t exist here and the police turn a blind eye to the weed.

Travel and leisure

If you travel on a bike then it is almost free, because the bike can be bought for $200 or you can rent for $4 per day. The price of gasoline as a result of the last drop in oil prices also fell from $0.8 to $0.5.

A very well-developed network of comfortable buses with beds and local low-cost airlines. Flights between cities start at $20; to fly all over the country – from $40.

About the cost of hotels – you can generally focus on the cost of housing, on average a clean hotel – $15 / night.


Schools, kindergartens, universities in Vietnam are free. But communication will be in Vietnamese, so foreigners give their children to private institutions. A kindergarten for a month costs from $200, if there is a full program with training then $400-500. School costs about the same.

In general the conclusion is simple: if you move alone or as a couple then you can live almost without money. If with family then the expenses will be like everywhere else.

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