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100,500 Reasons to live in Vietnam. Vietnamese.

Posted by invest_admin on July 7, 2020
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One of the most popular reasons for moving to Vietnam is the Vietnamese themselves. From personal experience, living with them means constant smiles and friendliness, they are wonderful, open, honest people who know how to be happy!

Happy Vietnamese People
Happy Vietnamese People

Vietnam ranks 5th in the world and 2nd in Asia in the Happy Planet Index. This rating is based on 4 main criteria: wellbeing – how people evaluate the quality of their life; life expectancy; inequality as an uneven distribution of life expectancy and results achieved in relation to wellbeing; environmental footprint.

The level of wellbeing in Vietnam, by comparison, is higher than in Hong Kong, despite the significant difference in income – money and a highly developed civilization are not the main things! A good estimate of inequality was due to the high level of public services provided to the population, for example, the availability of education. In Vietnam, the percentage of students is 98%, this is one of the highest rates in the world. Due to the high temp of economic development, the number of people living in poverty has decreased from 58% in the 90s to 10% in our time. To all these good indicators you need to add an average life expectancy of 75.5 years. And so they are in the top of rating.

P.S. In fact, it is not entirely clear whether these figures are really so important for human happiness. Not sure that 30 years ago in Vietnam there were fewer smiles and friendliness. Of course, when there is nothing to eat, it’s not a joy, but still there is something inside the Vietnamese that makes them happy, regardless of all factors. Maybe these are their huge families, where 4-5 generations live together, maybe their craving for society, or the influence of traditions, Buddhism. There can be many reasons, but one result, among happy people you feel even happier!

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