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100,500 reasons to move to Vietnam. The sun and the sea.

Posted by invest_admin on June 9, 2020
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We often discuss with ‘locals’ (this is the local name of immigrants) the reasons why they moved to live in Vietnam. For the majority, this happened in some sense unconsciously: they arrived, lived 10 days – I liked it, returned to their homeland – I didn’t like it. Someone just arrived and stayed immediately for longer – came on vacation and has been living for 5 years.

And of course everyone has motivation. One of its components is bad at home, you have to leave. But the other, which we will discuss – here is good, we must stay and live.

So, the reason number 1 in the list of most locals is the sea and sun, and if summarized then, apparently, the climate.

Climate in Vietnam

For begining: most of people who called climate the cause number 1 – live in the south of the country. Why? Because in the north it is too cold in winter and there is even a place where snow falls! In general, the north is not much different from the usual weather: there is summer, autumn, winter and spring, except that there are no sub-zero temperatures.

Phu Quoc Beach
Phu Quoc Beach

But in the south of Vietnam it is almost always sunny, more than 300 sunny days a year! The climate is tropical, there are two seasons – dry and rainy. The average annual temperature is 25-27 degrees Celsius, but given the strong winds blowing in winter, it only seems to be warm. In reality if you live a few years and adapt to the local climate, I assure you that in winter you will wear jackets and sunbathing tourists will look at you suspiciously and incredulously.

Spring, especially April and May, is the most terrible period for life. The wind ends and incredible heat comes with humidity. Those who survive during spring in Vietnam, hell is no longer terrible.

In the summer around July the rainy season begins, which lasts until November. It’s not tropical rain like in the movies from morning till evening, but it sometimes comes for three – four days. But in general, rains happends in the evening or at night, but quite often.

In autumn, in November, the wind changes direction, the rains smoothly end and in December there is dry, sunny and windy weather.


The coastline of Vietnam is 3260 km long and everywhere you will find some kind of infrastructure – a guesthouse, hotel or cafe. We can consider the entire coast of the country as one continuous resort beach. The sea in Vietnam plays an exceptional role in the life of the people, most Vietnamese at heart are sailors, well, or fishermen, and apparently therefore love seafood.

Fishermans in Muine
Fishermans in Muine

The water in the sea in the south is always warm and in the hot season it seems that it is hotter than air. This is a plus – you can swim forever. Of the minuses, these are quite large waves in winter, but there are places protected from them by islands, corals or breakwaters.

Another huge minus is dirt, not in all regions, somewhere they clean, somewhere they clean very well that the beaches look like on the photo, but in general household garbage is visible to the naked eye. Bags, plastic, food, waste – all this often gets in incredible quantities in the sea. The government, of course, is fighting, building infrastructure, but urgent interventions are needed, up to a complete ban on plastic. And we hope that everything will be better in the near future, because the more developed the country, the less garbage around.

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