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Ho Chi Minh – 130 years

Posted by invest_admin on May 19, 2020
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Ho Chi Minh 130 years
Ho Chi Minh 130 years

Friends, today we have a holiday – 130 years since the birth of Uncle Ho, the man thanks to whom Vietnam even exists.

Many may challenge the correctness of the actions of Ho Chi Minh, especially during the war of liberation with the French, Americans and South Vietnam but the fact is that Ho Chi Minh saw his only goal in life as liberation from colonial dependence and the unification of the people.

And not only did this man achieve his goal, although he did not live quite a bit before unification, here and now we see clearly a single great and happy people and a successfully developing country what is very rare among socialist countries.

Until now in Vietnam in the political and public life of the country, the main leadership role has been played by the ideology of Ho Chi Minh, an integral part of which is eastern philosophy in general and stratagematics in particular.

P.S. And a little on my own behalf, as a person permanently living in Vietnam, I am sincerely glad that at one time there was a person who created this paradise in the modern world. Happy Birthday Uncle Ho!

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