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How to get driving license for motorbike in Vietnam

Posted by invest_admin on June 19, 2020
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99.9% of people in Vietnam travel on motorbikes and of course a category A driving license is required. In most cases, foreigners coming to Vietnam have the category that permits driving only car.

But it turns out that getting local category A is a very easy:

Driving license are issued to foreigners for the duration of a visa or resident card.

1. Make a duplicate of the B category.

To do this, we simply hand in copies of visas and national B driving license at the training center, pay the fee, and after about 2 weeks you will get Vietnamese documents.

2. Applying for category A.

Driving school
Driving school

We go to the same training center and submit an application. You will need to pass a medical test, pass theoretical and practical exams.

Our experience: a medical examination is not really required. The theory test is also optional because it is written in Vietnamese and cannot be passed. In this regard, they turn a blind eye to theory, because we have already category B.

3. Practical exam

On the site you pay a fee. You will be provided with a semi-automatic bicycle and need to ride a figure eight twice and a snake.

Practical driving test
Practical driving test

4. Get a driving license

After 2 weeks, in the case of successful passing the exam at the training center, a driving license for a motorcycle will be issued.

The whole procedure takes about 1-2 months, the financial cost of fees is about $30.

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