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OK Pizza. Idea.

Posted by invest_admin on June 16, 2020
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We are starting a project, in a sense a new one for us, because it will focus not on foreigners, as it always has been, but on locals. Meet – Ok Pizza!

The idea was originally to make shawarma and again the orientation was on tourists, but for this, it was necessary to bring equipment for the production of pita bread, then the virus came, and not without inspiration from the guys from Do-Do we reorient the idea in a pizzeria.

Input data: city of 250 thousand people, there are 5 pizzerias, including pizza huts.

What do we have:

  1. An international team of 4 people, one of which is an experienced pizza master
  2. Most of the equipment for the production of ~ 50 pizzas per day
  3. Partnership production of natural meat ingredients
  4. Experience in local business and an understanding of culture
  5. All legal documents for the business

We need in:

  1. Ideal for Vietnamese mega-super-pizza: now we can make european style but we need special ones. This will be our strength.
  2. Place: of course we wanted to have a real pizzeria with guest service, but the cost will be 2 times higher, i.e. for start we do exclusively delivery.

About finance: according to our estimates, with an average order of $ 9, net profit will be $2.

Our Goal 1 is an average of 100 orders per day, this will prove the efficiency of our idea and proceed to stage 2 – the development of the network.

In general, the first pizza delivery project is designed for 3 years and will be able to bring $ 50000. Given the available funds, we need to raise $5000 or 10% for the start. The return of investment is 1 year. The rest of the time investors will receive 10% of the profit, which will bring him another $ 5,000, i.e. profitability – 30% per year. As a bonus, we offer the first investor 1% of the entire future network.

A short action plan to achieve Goal 1:

1) preparation – 1.5 months.
2) Start on August 1 – 3 months: expand to +30 pizzas per day
3) Development – 6 months: starting to get revenue

These are the plans for the near future, the bar and surf center are closed, there is no tourism but we have time, we will work. Follow us in social nets with #invest_okpizza #okpizzavn

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