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Ok Pizza. Month 4.

Posted by invest_admin on November 11, 2020
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4!!! We have been dealing with pizzeria for four months, telling about the results of October.

The first thing that really surprised me: some of the locals do not eat tomatoes, i.e. we make them pizza without tomato sauce … and some do not eat cheese, and there are about 30% of such clients. The funniest pizza was chicken with bacon, but no cheese and no chicken, i.e. we delivered in fact a cake coated with tomato sauce, baked bacon on top… We don’t really want to deliver such incomplete, therefore not the most beautiful pizzas, but the wishes of customers…

Made from useful – this is an electrostatic smokehouse. Before we had to smoke for a couple of days, but now right in the pizzeria for 15 minutes and 30 kV DC voltage. So now we make not only pepperoni but also bacon, ham, jerky, everything is handmade, no chemicals or additives, everything is super-natural.

Product – here we added a couple of sweet pizzas for desserts, came up with a few more pizzas, but in fact, we want to do something small and inexpensive, and most likely it will be banh-mi (in our opinion, closer to a sandwich). We have already worked out a couple of recipes, but the ideal has not yet been verified.

Marketing – so far we are only pushing on Facebook, so to speak, there is enough) and because the network is number 1 in Vietnam, everyone uses it. Just promoting posts, advertising a group, we do everything to attract users.

About money. In October, we again did not go to zero, the final minus, taking into account only -6,450,000 (-280 $), for comparison, in September, the minus is almost 2 times more, -570 $.

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