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Ok Pizza. Project start.

Posted by invest_admin on September 15, 2020
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Ok Pizza shop
Ok Pizza shop

We inform everyone who follows our pizza project: we have entered a new stage. Still, we agreed on a lease and from August 10, the countdown of our work in the city began.


Small seating space for 20-30 people. The pizza shop is about 25 m2, the shed in front of the building is another 15-20 m2. Inside, behind the shop, there is a production hall, about 90 m2. Overall, this is exactly what we needed – a lot of production space and a small point of sale. We are located in the center, there are many schools around, because kids love pizza, and it is easier to deliver from the center.

The working hours have changed, now we work from 10 am to 10 pm. At the same time, Vietnamese cafes work in a completely different mode: they usually open at 6-7 am, close at 11 am, and the second part – from 5 to 10 pm. Therefore, it is a little strange to open a pizza shop when everyone is closing, but on the other hand, we have a different audience, and the first large break at school is at 11 am.

After 5 days of preparation, we suddenly realized that it is one thing to work 6 days a week for 4 hours and quite another thing every day for 12 hours. Therefore, one day off was introduced for the organizers every 2 working days and the recruitment of employees began.

In Vietnam, we already had locals working for us, but they always came from somewhere. And it’s the first time to announce recruitment, to schedule an interview day, so there will be a separate post somehow.

What we know at the moment about the labor market:

1) Many people know English quite well – this is the only condition for working with us. Why it happened – there was a post about education, here in many schools teach foreigners. Plus, a lot of people strive to get a higher education, and almost all graduates already know English quite well.
2) The salary of an unskilled worker is from 15 to 25 VND per hour ($ 0.7-1.1). And people are ready to work for this money because more than 70% of graduates cannot find a decent job – there is a question of the quality of education.

In general, with these input data, we published 2 vacancies, received 23 responses per day, so far scheduled 7 interviews, and about the results – next time.


In less than a week we have been working, and have already reached the pre-launch level of sales, but half are still ordered from the village, even though we only make one delivery at 10 pm after closing. Of course, it’s a little annoying to deliver pizza after 12 hours of work, but on the other hand, these are people who choose our pizza even if there are 3 pizzerias in the area. The best customers!)

The other half are local Vietnamese, we are not yet very active in advertising, because we cannot even write a text without mistakes, and we have already been told about it on Facebook) Moreover, we asked the locals if it was right written on our sign “Fast delivery delicious pizza ”, answer war – correctly, but the Vietnamese don’t say like that))


What we checked and works quite well is advertising on Facebook, and with the same parameters, the same advertising does not work at all on Instagram. Our signboards, it seems to me, no one sees, i.e. watching, reading, but no reaction.

Word of mouth should also work great, it is already starting to work, and flyers. And I will go and distribute it myself, for some reason I am sure that the flyer from a foreigner is charged with the magic of attraction to a pizzeria. Tomorrow they will be ready – we will check, I will stand right at the exit from school)


Problems began that I did not take into account – our POS system does not support local payment systems, so we will probably have to change the system to local developers. There are 5 large POS for restaurants, none of which has the function of accepting orders online from a website or Facebook … Ie. at the moment, taking into account the lack of finance for the development of our application, we will, in a classic way, manually process incoming orders. The Stone Age, but we will correct the situation later.


At the moment, we are moving to a new POS, we are only conducting our additional financial investments, and the income goes directly to the costs of production equipment and shop repair. Therefore, so far we have a total minus $ 1,770.


We need financial injections for a qualitative leap in development. The conditions are simple – we return the money twice in 2 years, plus the investor will have 10% of the pizzeria in Phan Thiet, plus 1% of the future chain. We need at least 10 K$, If there will be 15 K$ – there will be a 15% share. The money will be spent on advertising and additional equipment for production.

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