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Ok Pizza. Week 2. Theory.

Posted by invest_admin on June 23, 2020
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The first week of reflection is over, by the way it is one of the most creative where dreams turn into plans on paper. We made a more detailed calculation, compared competitors, calculated the cost of two standard pizzas – margarita and pepperoni. In general, the idea is good and profitable if we will make 20 or more orders a day, but we need to work very hard to make good money.

Our plan at the moment still consists of 4 points, this is what we can do now:

  1. The place. We discussed about our idea with the accountant, legally we will open a branch or transfer the company to a new address. So we can start looking for a place.
  2. Product. We chose as many as 8 pizzas of which 4 are classic, and 4 with local taste preferences. The task is to approve finally tastes and then standardize production, think through logistics and tech cards. Here we already need a place or take the oven to the pizza maker, but it weighs 160 kg…
  3. Marketing and sales. At the begining all orders will go through the website, so we do this:
    1. We make a simple site
    2. We connect the CRM and the online order on the website …

At the same time we will develop 3 basic directions for attracting customers: local messenger, facebook and instagram, they are the most popular in Vietnam.

Offline: flyers but we’ll deal with them closer to the start.

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