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Ok Pizza. Week 3. Preparations.

Posted by invest_admin on June 30, 2020
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We continue our online entrepreneurship show in Vietnam. The 2nd week turned out to be not very productive at first glance, but a lot of understanding came, what is even more important than process.

  1. The team is finally formed. It was formed before but now all issues have been resolved and everyone is starting to work. We meet Alex (Russia) – the organizer of the party, Cyril (Russia) – the right hand, Vlado (Serbia) – the pizza master, Min (Vietnam) – the Vietnamese side manager.
  2. A simple site has been created, you will see everything in a week.
  3. The main thing – the logistics process from order to pizza delivery has been thought out. We will use ready-made solutions at an early stage, we just synchronize everything into one process. It will be an order on the website – transfer of information to POS – production – delivery. To save money at the first stage, orders will fall through Woocommerce, we chose Joinposter like a POS, there is also a production stage, but we have not decided on the delivery yet, for the first time we just show the direction and write the address on the box)

Plan on the 3rd week:

  1. As the organizer always considered for the company, the presence of buyers is more important than the product itself, that is if there is demand, then there will be an offer. Therefore, the first thing we need to finalize the site this week and translate it into Vietnamese.
  2. Product: tomorrow we bring the oven and start baking pizza. I do not mean just baking, but counting, debugging technological processes, adding all this to the system so that reports can be viewed in real-time.
  3. Place – we continue to search. About money. Cost per week: 69$ – website template, 20$ of various devices for pizza production. The total cost is 89$.

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