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Ok Pizza. Week 5. First test.

Posted by invest_admin on July 16, 2020
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Good news – friends were invited to the test, they said excellent! Moreover, friends posted a picture on Instagram – so we got our first order and first profit as much as ~ $ 17 for 5 pizzas!


We finally figured out the assortment, it will be about 15 pizzas. By the way, everything turned out to be quite simple: we take the most popular ingredients, from them, we combine well-known options and try to make the specifics. As a result, we tested guaranteed 3 out of 15, finalized another 8 pizzas, and need to make the other 4 kinds, which we will do this week.

The fewer the ingredients (they are 19 now), the easier it will be in the future. So we refused several options for pizzas because they needed a separate sauce, which we decided to use a maximum of two.

Dough and sauce are the basis of pizza, they must be perfect. There are 6 variants of the test that have already done, so far the leaders are the classic Italian recipe with 48 hours slow fermentation + 8 hours fast, total 56 hours + work and the dough is ready!) The sauce is still in priority also classic Italian – from tomatoes in their own juice and oregano.

Marketing and sales.

The case hasn’t really moved since the website has not been completed, so orders do not fall into CRM yet, although everything is already set up inside. It will be a priority to conduct another test with friends by the end of the week. We want them to come and order from the website, and we would hone the process in real-time.


Total expenses – $ 296, profit – $ 17. Basically, all recent expenses are related to the procurement of ingredients.

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