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Ok Pizza. Week 8. Commercial tests.

Posted by invest_admin on August 4, 2020
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Ok Pizza. Week 8. Commercial test.
Ok Pizza. Week 8. Commercial test.

All week we worked regularly for 4.5 hours every day, except Sunday. In 6 days we sold exactly 60 pizzas and ate at least 20! An important point here is that we seem to have eaten, but we cannot stop.


We started to optimize production. A refrigerator for ingredients is already in the creation stage. We began to make a stand for employees, so as not to look for the composition.
The fruit pizza has a success, a great combination of salty dough and sweet, very Vietnamese style, was added to the menu.

Marketing and Sales.

We made a post to a local group about launching a website for ordering pizza online. There was only one order from the website, everything else was from a Telegram. But, as it turned out, there is a problem on the website with orders, so we are solving these issues.

In general, the process is going on, but the place for cooking in the city we still not have. In plus the coronavirus came back in Vietnam, provinces are being actively quarantined, there is a likelihood of difficulties …

About money.

Since some activity has already started, it is easier to write the results for a week. 6 working days brought us exactly +150$.
Grand total: -422$

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