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Открытие компании во Вьетнаме

How to open a company in Vietnam

May 25, 2020
To start a business you will need to open a company in Vietnam and in some types of business you will also need a l [more]
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Foreigners farm in Vietnam

What is a resident card in Vietnam and how t...

May 22, 2020
Absolutely everyone who comes to Vietnam to live or for a long time will want to have a resident card. In fact, you [more]
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Налоги на недвижимость во Вьетнаме

Taxes and fees for property owners in Vietna...

May 28, 2014
Compared to other countries, the real estate tax situation in Vietnam looks very attractive. Find out what fees you [more]
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Real estate in Vietnam for foreigners

Real estate for foreigners in Vietnam

May 27, 2014
Can foreigners buy property in Vietnam? Yes, in July 2015, the Vietnamese government passed the Residential Housing [more]
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