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Taxes and fees for property owners in Vietnam

Posted by invest_admin on May 28, 2014
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Compared to other countries, the real estate tax situation in Vietnam looks very attractive. Find out what fees you should pay when buying a property in the primary market.

VAT (value added tax)

Vietnamese VAT is 10% when it comes to buying an apartment in the primary market.

Maintenance fee / depreciation fund

In any case, buyers will have to pay a service charge of 2% of the purchase price. These funds are used to maintain the building and infrastructure – swimming pools, elevators, security, gardeners and more.

Registration fee

Registration fee is 0.5% of the value of the property.

Rental income tax

It is believed that Vietnam, in comparison with other Asian countries, has a rather high income tax if you rent an apartment. You will have to pay not only 5% VAT, but also 5% personal income tax. To summarize, you will have to pay 10% of your rental income.

Capital gains tax

When selling your property you will have to pay an income tax of 2%.

Land tax

Foreigners are unlikely to be able to acquire land, but for information, the tax will be from 0.03 to 0.15%.

How are taxes paid? Just go to the tax office, fill out the tax return and pay. Given the difficulty of communicating in Vietnamese, there is a simple and much less expensive way – our management company will do everything for you, you will save a lot of time, and time is money.

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