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What is a resident card in Vietnam and how to get it

Posted by invest_admin on May 22, 2020
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Absolutely everyone who comes to Vietnam to live or for a long time will want to have a resident card. In fact, you can safely live without it as 95% of people do but with a resident card life in Vietnam becomes much more pleasant.

Main bonuses of resident card:

  1. No need to go to the Visa-run to renew your visa. It saves both time and money.
  2. You can make local drive license, open a bank account, buy transport, i.e. be more legal in the country
  3. You can work and open a business

At the moment you can open the card for 5 years but in the near future they promise to change the rules (we will immediately inform about it). Resident cards are issued only to those who have a business in Vietnam, i.e. company founders, employees and their families. For the families members resident card can be issued only for 3 years.

Vietnam resident card
Vietnam resident card

You can find a lot of information in Internet which documents to collect, how and where to go, but in reality the procedure is very simple (we tell honestly how this is done in Invest Vietnam):

  1. It is necessary to open a company and be registered as a founder (there will be a separate post about the opening of the company). Attention! The company must be working.
  2. Make working visa, i.e. You will need to enter Vietnam and get a visa DN-type
  3. Collect all documents (passport, photos, company documents) and get a resident card in 3-4 weeks.

Of course, these three points hide a lot of bureaucracy, trips to authorities, but we don’t do this directly, we have reliable service providers among the locals, we just hand them the documents and get the ready cards.

The cost of processing a resident card in Vietnam with us is $ 600, for family members – $ 350, renewal – $ 300. This is the real price including our commission. If you find somewhere more expensive – it means they just have a higher commission.

We do not deal exclusively with opening cards, only with the opening of a real and working business. Moreover, Vietnam has recently been actively fighting illegal companies sharpened only for registration of resident cards. Such companies are actively closing. Therefore, if suddenly you just bought a card somewhere then it can be easily canceled and you will find out about it at the border, where at the same time they can stamp the ban on entry in a reason of fraud.

Be honest, respect the laws of the country and hospitality, and everything will be fine with you.

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